The journey

Dear Marie:

Thank you for sending me a text and wishing me a Happy Easter.  You are always thinking of others.

In your text, you mentioned that you were interested in what I learned from Tara Brach at Kripalu.  I’m going over my notes and I found some things that I thought would resonate with you.

We did a loving kindness meditation for others and for ourselves.  Tara recognized that offering lovingkindness to ourselves may be hard.  She suggested that we look at ourselves through the eyes of someone who loves us.  So, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your generosity.  Not only for opening your home to me but opening your heart to me as well.  When you cook a meal, you do it with your whole heart and soul.  So your food nourishes body and soul.  Also, you are so honest about your spiritual journey.  I am grateful that you have shared this journey with me.

As you meditate, repeat these phrases to yourself:

May I realize that lovingkindness is my essence.

May I be held in lovingkindness.

May I feel peaceful and safe.

May my heart and mind awaken and be free.

You can also send this lovingkindness to others.  Imagine them receiving these wishes as I have imagined you receiving my wishes.

Tara suggested that we incorporate gratitude practices into our life.  When she said this, I automatically thought of you and your attitude of gratitude.  Maybe we can be gratitude buddies and exchange daily emails about what we were grateful for that day.


Today, I am grateful that you are my friend.  I am grateful that I had the experience of seeing Tara in person.  And, I am grateful for sharing some of the things I learned with you.

In lovingkindness,


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