Creativity isn’t the expression, it’s in the courageousness that allows the expression to come into being.  Many times I wished that I were more creative.  Creative people seem hipper, cooler, more exciting.  But certain things have been put into my view, and I am beginning to believe we all have the possibility to be creative beings.

This new view was inspired by  reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.”  She writes, “…which parts of yourself will you nourish, cultivate, and bring into being”.  Was Ms. Gilbert prodding me to believe that I could actually cultivate creativity?  I always believed that it was something you had or you didn’t have – like blue eyes.  As I continued reading, and marking up the book with phrases such as “this is my new mantra”, or “this is the best sentence ever”,  she helped me realize that creativity isn’t  an event or an occasion but rather a way of life.  I am creative because as a teacher because I do something that speaks to my soul, I do it every day, and I do it because I’m curious about myself as a teacher and my students as learners.

As fate, or big magic, would have it, I attended a yoga workshop over the weekend that again helped me to see that creativity has to be nourished.  The workshop was on the chakras, spiritual power in our bodies.  I learned how I could help bring forth creativity.  I could do this through certain yoga poses, meditations, and breath work. Even wearing the color orange can help you tap into your creativity.  It’s like telling the universe “I’m here, I’m ready, and I’m not afraid”.

We all become more creative the moment we make that our intention.  Then we nourish it, cultivate it, and bring it into being.

4 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Interesting piece this week. I would really have enjoyed that session you had over the weekend about the chakras, as well as the book you mention. I don’t see my self as creative in the same way that others view my creativity, which I find curious. I do know that it is just like writing for the blog, or for the challenge. You can’t get better at it unless you just do it. Over and over and over again. And then it becomes a part of your life, almost a necessity. Happy creating, whatever that looks like to you!

  2. I loved this “I am creative because as a teacher because I do something that speaks to my soul, I do it every day, and I do it because I’m curious about myself as a teacher and my students as learners.” There is a time when teaching becomes art, (not that it is ever easy) but when those creative moments slip into what needs to happen in the teaching/learning relationship, it is bliss.

  3. I love Elizabeth Gilbert. Haven’t read her new book. But I agree – creativity can be learned. It’s like mindset, right? You go creative writer. You have everything you need to create the life you desire leading.

  4. “Nourish it, cultivate it, and bring it into being.” Powerful words for anyone who thinks that creativity is inborn. Thanks for your thoughts.

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